You are surrounded by preschool children all day. Their smiles and laughter are your daily music. But at the end of the day, you are exhausted and would love to be able to find time to gather learning materials for your class and still have time to spend with your own family.
That's where we come in. This site is dedicated to simplifying the process of educating preschool children in a fun and entertaining way. Preschool Teacher Support offers help in the form of preschool lesson plans, preschool activities, preschool games and a variety of other services.
Every month a new subject is featured. While we cover a variety of topics, we thought it would be fun to place some focus on specific topics every month. So, take a look around and see what we have to offer. Below is an overview of services to be provided soon. Check back frequently for updates to the listed services.

Personalized Lesson Plans
That's right. We create the lesson plans based on your needs. You simply let us know some basic information to get things started and we put the lesson plans together for you. What could be simpler? Why search the web for a lesson plan package when we can put them together for you in printable form, giving you more time to focus on what really matters, which is putting those lesson plans to good use!
Preschool Product Review
You want products that are worth their money and will give your preschoolers  the tools they need to learn with. We'll let you know what products we find useful and what products to stay away from!

Topic of the Month: Preschool Social Skills
As the school year starts and the holidays get closer, now is a good time to focus on preschool social skills. There are plenty of activities for preschoolers to do to develop their social skills.
The best way for preschool social skills to develop is by focusing on the positive. Preschool children are young enough to be impressionable and absorb how adults respond to different cultures and personalities than their own. Preschool social skills follow in the way of adults around them. That's why it's important to reward tolerance and a positive attitude.
For instance, if there is a preschool student in your class who continuously seeks out the "underdog" or the child who seems to be left out of everything, make sure to reward that student so that the other preschoolers can see rewards in tolerance and acceptance for others.
Celebrate preschool differences by holding culture days and activities. Place a focus on preschool manners and preschool social skills so that preschoolers can see that everyone needs to treat each other with respect.
Most of all, lead by example so that preschool students have a positive role model to follow.
 If you would like to contact me for more information or any questions, please feel free to do so and I will respond in a timely manner!
Preschool Halloween Projects
Are you looking for preschool Halloween projects to do with your young students? Halloween is a fun time to be teaching young children and you can find many Halloween projects that will give your small children an education as well as a time for fun. This topic will run until Halloween so be sure to check back for regular updates!
Preschool Pumpkin Craft : Use this craft to teach young students about Halloween and pumpkins while practicing their fine motor skills!
Preschool Halloween Games : Use these simple games to have some Halloween fun with your students.
Preschool Party Time
With the winter holiday season right around the corner, preschoolers have the chance to enjoy preschool party time. During this time, preschool manners and other preschool social skills can be displayed and rewarded. Use the preschool party ideas below to help your students to enjoy the holidays and boast their preschool social skills.
Preschool Party Activities These preschool party activities can be used at any of the preschool parties. These are specific activities for toddlers to do, not a party theme.
Preschool Fall Party Games These games are meant to teach preschool students about the fall season while having fun. These also help preschool students to develop their social skills as they learn how to play games with other preschoolers.
New Students
Whether you are dealing with new students because of the beginning of the year or you are dealing with new students that are just coming into the preschool, these activities will help preschool children to get to know each other.
Preschool Game to Learn about Each Other This game helps preschool students and teachers alike to get to know each other. A great activity for the beginning of the year or when new students arrive.
Preschool Activity for New Friends This activity helps preschoolers to get to know each other. Everyone gets a chance to shine in this preschool social activity!
Preschool Social Skills
Preschool social skills include learning how to relate and work/play well with others. This means working together on specific projects as well as working together to meet certain social accomplishments such as manners. Use the preschool lesson plans and preschool activities below to help your preschooler develop these much needed social skills.
Tracking Preschool Manners This craft was created to help preschool children to track their progress using manners. Children can develop their fine motor skills and develop their manners at the same time with this craft.
Culture Fun with Toddlers This culture craft will help preschoolers to learn tolerance for other people while exploring various cultures, including their own.
Preschool Book Craft Teach students social skills by having them create a book that shows their appreciation of others.