PRESCHOOL MUSICAL: Where education sings!!!

The first steps in your child's education will be some of the most important. At PRESCHOOL MUSICAL, the focus is to begin education, build confidence, develop social & music skills and all the while having fun doing it! This truly unique and highly educational combination of activities is essential for each student to mature, develop and feel confident!!!

A typical day at PRESCHOOL MUSICAL  includes Core Knowledge Series, Saxon Math, creating music, music theorymasterpieces with arts & crafts and painting materialsrole-play and dressing up, playtime and usually ending the day with some quiet time reading books. 

We are able to meet with you anytime after school. Call us to schedule an appointment 
Sandra 801-787-4122

We LOVE what we do!! We LOVE our students!! You & your child will LOVE our preschool!!!
Sand & Karate....a great mix