Farmville Area Habitat for Humanity


Farmville Area Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit, ecumenical Christian ministry that partners with qualified families, volunteers and donors to provide housing for families in need.

The Need

** Over 1,000 households in each county we serve live below poverty line

**    23.7% of Prince Edward Co. citizens, over 4,100 are below the poverty line

**    Slightly over 100 houses in the County have no indoor plumbing

**    Federal/State data shows 1,032 Prince Edward Co. children live in poverty

**     26.6% of our community's children (more than 1 out of 4) live in poverty

Of the 2,198 renting households in Prince Edward, nearly half (46%) cannot afford to rent a two (2) bedroom home at local Fair Market Value (FMV). Every one of our Habitat family's monthly mortgages is under half of the monthly rent for 2 BR at local FMV!  Since 1993 Habitat homeowners have paid over $100,000 in local property taxes in Prince Edward County alone.

A Hand UP! Not a Hand out.

Habitat Homeowners pay full price for their home.  Farmville Area Habitat charges no interest and makes no profit on the homes. The opportunity for affordable housing is made possible through the labor of volunteers and the generosity of donors.

Office location: Shoppes @ College Park, 1409 South Main Street, Farmville, VA 23901

Mailing Address: PO Box 816, Farmville, Va.  23901

Phone: 434-392-6627

Web Site: