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Below are a series of EVPs that have been captured in previous investigations.  For best results, it is recommended to use headphones to effectively hear this phenomena as a majority of "spirit voices" are communicated at sub-audible levels, making the use of digital voice recorders key in discovering this particular form of evidence.  

The audio playlists will move from one track to next immediately, so please take the time and click on one clip a few times over to formulate your opinion of what is being said.

At PREP, each EVP is evaluated by a number of our team members.  Each PREP Crew member determines what they believe is being said without the power of suggestion by other team members.  This is done to prevent the mind from being persuaded into listening for particular words and/or phrases.

Many other investigative teams will post their EVPs and indicate what they believe is being said.  We prefer to leave it up to you, the listener.  What do you hear in the following audio clips?  Comment below after listening or email us with your thoughts!

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