About PREP

PREP began back in 2008.  Wally and Jeff had met while working together as bartenders.  While cleaning up the bar after a long Friday night shift, Wally put a popular Travel Channel show about ghosts on.  Wally asked Jeff if he minded and Jeff said no.  As they continued to clean, they began sharing a couple ghost stories.  This led to each sharing some explained experiences that had happened to them in the past.  The next thing they knew, it was almost 6am and they had been chatting about the spirit world for hours.

The following Friday, again after closing, Wally put the paranormal program on while they cleaned.  This time, however, the two discussed the prospect of going out and attempting to capture some sort of proof that spirits exist. Wally and Jeff spent the next couple weeks reading and researching how to go about conducting an actual paranormal investigation.  They each purchased a digital voice recorder, had a camera, grabbed some flashlights, and went to a local cemetery to try their hand at investigating.

The experience from this first "investigation" fueled Wally and Jeff with more questions than answers.  They had looked into joining a couple of the local paranormal groups, but did not quite feel the right fit in terms of goals and missions that fulfilled a scientific purpose.  So, after yet another late Friday night of closing the bar, Wally and Jeff decided to found their own paranormal group based on principles of research, experimentation, and drawing conclusions from data that could be openly shared with anyone who possessed similar paranormal curiosities.

This is how the Paranormal Research Enthusiasts of PA came to be founded.
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