The Paranormal Research Enthusiasts of PA (PREP)was established to research and investigate claims of paranormal activity and haunting.  PREP is based out of the southern Harrisburg area and offers complimentary services to prospective clients who experience unusual or unexplained occurrences at a given location.  In order to arrive at the best possible explanation for this activity, PREP enters cases with an open mind and approach.  Our team seeks not to prove or disprove a potential haunting, but to gather data and evidence using a comprehensive set of resources and equipment.  Findings and recommendations are then shared with the client following an extensive review of all documented information gathered.

PREP at Eastern State Penitentiary.  Pictured (left to right): Samantha Johnson, Erik Julian, Jeff Kaminski, Walter DeWall, Barbara McCarthy Spayd. Not pictured: Jofa Kauffman

Join Our Team!

PREP is currently looking to add members to our team who possess an active interest in the paranormal.  If you are interested in exploring the paranormal and would like to form friendships with like minded individuals we would enjoy welcoming you to the team.  People of all faiths and knowledge backgrounds are welcome.  Our only requirement is that you are open minded and considerate of the other members in the group.  For more information, email us at and one of our team members will be in touch!

Now Accepting New Cases!

PREP treats every client with compassion, understanding, and respect.  Cases, locations, and findings remain confidential unless prior written consent is given by our client.  Please don't hesitate to ask for help!  Many of our team members have experienced activity that remains unexplained. We are committed to providing quality, professional investigations with a personal touch.  Contact us at or call (717) 983-8642 with any questions!  We are here to assist you!

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