Dear Friend and Colleague:

Welcome to the group!!  This domain has been created to help you pass the upcoming patent agent examination conducted by the Indian patent office (ipindia.nic.in).  This is a closed group for now, and is on an invitation only basis.  

I plan to focus more on Part II of the examination as it is the one for which there is very little or no guidance available.  Existing text books do not cover the material adequately nor do they provide detailed guidelines.  Therefore, I will include exercises on which I can provide feedback so that you can gauge your progress.  For this I would request you to follow guidelines for completing the exercise completely.  
The feedback would be made public after redacting your individual information.  Everybody will benefit that way.  

For Part I of the examination, I would recommend you regularly read the patent manual.  We can discuss any doubts, that may arise, here.

For viva, do not worry as you would be adequately prepared to handle decent/proper questions and second its weightage has been reduced.

For now just focus on clearing the exam and that's it.  Happy learning.