My lab offers opportunities for students to receive training in behavioral neuroendocrinology, chronobiology, and neuroimmunology. No prerequisites exist, other than the motivation to learn, a curiosity about science and a commitment to ethical conduct. 

Undergraduates: Undergraduate students commonly get involved in research in our lab. Students usually start by reading papers and attending lab meetings, and get involved in 'wet-lab' (immune and molecular biology assays) and data analysis first. Students willing to undergo regulatory compliance training can have opportunities to work hands-on with animals in the vivarium-- learning animal care and husbandry techniques, behavioral testing, and surgical procedures. Undergraduates often apprentice alongside graduate students working in the lab. Interested undergraduates should contact either me, one of the current graduate students or postdocs directly.

Graduate students: I accept graduate students to work in my lab via the Department of Psychology's Ph.D. program in Integrative Neuroscience. I also accept rotation students through the Department of Neurobiology. Individuals interested in pursuing graduate work in my lab should feel free to contact me directly via email or phone.
Experiments are always ongoing in the lab, offering ample technical training opportunities, but I encourage both undergraduate-and graduate-level members of the lab to develop their own original lines of inquiry.