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Dr Mark Burkitt

Modelling Fire Risk Behaviours and Attitudes in the South Yorkshire Region to improve the Identification of Areas at Risk of Fire in the Community

Groundbreaking research with the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University to enable firefighters to examine community fire risk behaviour with a pioneering computational simulation programme. 
This project is the first of its kind in this area of application and aims to improve the prevention of fire and emergencies.
The simulation-based decision support system could be rolled out to other Fire Services and Authorities across the country. 

PREMONITION improves the identification of areas at risk and vulnerable communities, including the prediction of outcomes of interventions. This decision-support tool aids the optimisation of resource allocation, considering patterns of variations (e.g. time in the day, day in the month, and months in the year) for improving the planning of operations, and preventative interventions.

The project brings together a wide range of expertise in a variety of areas including agent-based modelling on the graphic processor unity (GPU), risk analysis of behaviours, co-evolutionary approaches in the study of social processes and front-line knowledge from members of the South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service (SYFR). 

The funding has been awarded by the South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Authority (SYFRA) to examine community fire risk behaviours in the South Yorkshire region. Supported by the Stronger Safer Communities Reserve, this revolutionary project further strengthens the growing reputation of the Sheffield-based group of academics: Prof Daniela M. Romano (Edge Hill University, Computing), Dr Dermot A. Breslin (Sheffield University, Managment School) and Dr Stephen Dobson (Sheffield Hallam University, Business School), that uses agent-based computational tools to simulate changing social processes in organisations and communities.

PREMONITION: Based on  combining various large data bases of historical data and social data with research findings the risk of households is calculated at one point in time and predicted for the future. The model considers households social connections and events in order to allow investigating how it is possible to influence behaviour.

Breslin, D. Burkitt, M., Dobson, S., Romano, D.M. (2016). Modelling Connectivity and Co-evolution: The ‘Premonition’ Study of Domestic Fire Risk Behaviours6th European Academy of Management (EURAM), 1-3th June 2016, Paris, France. 

Dobson, S., Burkitt, M., Breslin, D.A., Romano, D.M. (2016). Developing an ABM-driven Decision Support System in the Emergency Services. 18th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems (ICEIS), Rome. Italy, 25-28th April 2016.

The Star press release (August 2014) - Sheffield academics help firefighters identify areas most at risk