Island Home

    Wonderful and exciting!.. Anguilla, also called Rainbow City; is a quiet and peaceful island smiling daily in the 
glow of a bright Caribbean sun. With its spectacular white sandy beaches caressed by tranquil, crystal clear, turquoise waters, wrapped in the splendor of an everlasting blue sky creating a scene of pure natural beauty, stunning captivating and inspirational... this is only the beginning of "The Anguilla Experience"

The beauty and  tranquility is truly captivating and one wonders if this heaven on earth. Many believe it is! 

There is no better way of enjoying this earthy heaven, experiencing the warmth and unspoilt beauty of this magical gem, sample the hospitality of its people, then embark on a unique tour of the island with professional taxi/ tour operator of Premier Taxi and Tour Service... experience all that Anguilla has to offer!