Wealth Creation

A Wealth Creation Organisation©.
The result of enabling people to be:
Conscientious, Vivacious and Altruistic. 
This is our time tested, bullet proof,
rocket science technology.

Premadindha Namma Ooru
is a registered trust.
A team of 6 people 
spreading abundance and joy.

This is our business.
We use various immediate concerns like

- Solid Waste Management

- People's Response to Ambulances in India.

- Road Safety Awareness.

Get Involved, this is your mother -

98867 05452
90364 25226
Our Projects:

- I am the Change I want to see

- Water Consciousness

- Food for Heaven's Sake

- Wealth Creation vs Poverty Alleviation

- Glass Bins

- Glass and Chrome Goshala 

- Please Here & Now (Public Urinals)

- Glorious Loos

- Kalpa The Tree Guard

- Pot Hole Economics

- Stainless Steel Gutters

- Inverse Road Design

- Drain Water Harvesting

- I am the first to pick up the litter

- Full Stop for an Ambulance

- Local Currency (Namma Ooru 

Contribute to:
Premadindha Namma Ooru
A/c No. 3043 101 00 3074
IFSC Code: CNRB0003043
Canara Bank
Hennur Road Branch
Bangalore, India.

Thank you