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Hi, and welcome to Preliminary Health Care’s free Fat-Loss resources.
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If you struggle with excess body-fat, and tried dieting and exercise before, you’ve probably experienced some initial weight-loss, only to regain it all back. The reason for this is simple: despite all you’ve been told, “Eat Less and Exercise More” cannot produce easy and permanent fat-loss! Your body does not count calories! Body-fat does not come from eating too much and exercising too little!

In fact, by Eating Less and Exercising More:

  • Most of your weight lost will not come from body-fat! Instead your body will eat essential tissues to accommodate.
  • You will become lethargic, depressed, and prone to binge eating!
  • You become hyper-sensitive to (re-)gaining body-fat.

All told, Eating Less and Exercising More is about the worst thing you can possible do if you want to permanently and easily lose your body-fat. Instead, we need to understand that your body responds to signals—some signals tell your body to get fatter, others tell you to get thinner. These signals come from the type of food and exercise, not amount. Additionally, there are several other signals that are every bit as powerful as food and exercise—yet, their importance is never impressed upon you.

Permanent and easy fat-loss, then, is about managing these signals. Once you learn what these signals are, and how you can control them, fat-loss becomes inevitable.

To learn more, please choose from our free resources. We offer this important information is several formats so you can decide which is most appropriate for you. Additionally, Preliminary Health Care offers a free customized Health Tracker service; this tool is great for managing those fat-loss signals in your life, once you come learn more about them. Also, for those seeking personal assistance, we offer Lifestyle Consulting to help make your Fat-loss and health efforts most successful.

Thank you for using Preliminary Health Care—I truly hope we can help improve your life.

Be well,