Games and Software Engineering Workshop – GAS 2016

Preliminary Programme

9:00 AM              10:30 AM            Session 1 Opening                                               

Welcome and Introductions                                                                                         

Guest Presentation and Discussion    

     Gary Keith Brubaker, Director of The Guildhall at Southern Methodist University

     Manufacturing fun: Mixing creativity and software engineering in developing games                                                                      


Coffee Break


11:00 AM            12:30 PM            Session 2 Design Topics in Software Game Engineering

Session chair Kendra Cooper

Blending High-Immersion Gameplay and High-Intensity Exercise with Asynchronous Exergaming

Jak Tan, Rahul Kumar, and Paul Ralph

Modeling Human Behavior for Software Engineering Simulation Games                           

Alexander Nassal and Matthias Tichy

Learning Game Design and Software Engineering through a Game Prototyping Experience: A Case Study

Walt Scacchi and Mark Yampolsky



2:00 PM              3:30 PM              Session 3 Serious Fun and the Real World                                  

Session chair: Jeffrey Koch

Guest Presentation and Discussion    

     Roger Altizer, Jr., co-founder of the Entertainment Arts and Engineering Program, The University of Utah

     Designing Inside the Box: Fostering Creative Collaboration Through Constraint


Are the old days gone? A survey on actual software engineering processes in video game industry

Cristiano Politowski, Fabio Petrillo, Lisandra M. Fontoura, and Yann-Gaël Guéhéneuc


Coffee Break        


4:00 PM              5:00 PM              Session 4 Serious Games for Software Engineering

Session chair: Jeffrey Koch

Serious Games for NP-hard Problems: Challenges and Insights

Christina Chung, Asako Matsuoka, Yueti Yang, Julia Rubin, and Marsha Chechik


Robot ON!: A Serious Game for Improving Programming Comprehension      

Michael Miljanovic and Jeremy Bradbury

From video games to debugging code 

Sean Deitz and Ugo Buy                                                                          

A Gamification approach for Distributed Agile Delivery     

Vibhu Saujanya Sharma, Vikrant Kaulgud, and P Duraisamy                                              


5:00 PM              5:30 PM              Session 5 Closing                                                 

  Closing remarks and future steps