Welcome to Sacred Heart of Jesus School

Our Pre-K students on the first day of school with teacher, Mrs. Robinson and Principal Adams.


 In Pre-K at Sacred Heart, we find so many ways to make learning fun and exciting!


Sacred Heart School offers

Our Pre-Kindergarten class is an accredited Catholic school program.

The students attend Mass with their older  “buddies” once a month.

They benefit from a maximum class size of
only 14 students.

This class meets 5 days a week for
2.5 hours each day.

Benefits of the Pre-Kindergarten program at Sacred Heart School:

Students enjoy educational experiences in a
cooperative and creative learning environment.

We consider our Pre-K program an extension of the family, reinforcing values, respect, and proper
behavior in a nurturing environment.

This program will prepare students ages 4 and 5 for an easy transition into kindergarten.

Each day a portion of class time is dedicated to silent reading.

Pre-K emphasizes learning their fine motor skills through
creative art activities.









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