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'Miracle Cures'

A trawl of the internet will throw up (sorry!) numerous supposed miracle cures. The one thing they all have in common is that they are expensive. I have yet to find one which actually works. The latest to come to my attention is I have asked for evidence that it works, and I am still waiting for a reply. There are numerous links to reputable academic research on their website; however, none of the studies mentioned show that the treatment works better than placebo. In fact, there are no actual trials of this product. Most of the research pertains to investigations of the link between Helicobacter Pylori and HG. There have been numerous studies, and review literature suggests that there is an association between H.Pylori and HG. However, there is no suggestion that H.Pylori causes HG, and not all HG sufferers have H.Pylori. 

Pinkstorksolutions offers cocolaurin, a natural organic oil, as a natural therapy for H.Pylori. They report one paper which has shown that monolaurin can kill H.Pylori in vitro (ie in a lab dish). They have not shown any evidence that it can kill H.Pylori in someone's actual stomach. There is a big difference between killing a bug in a dish, and killing it in a person. Something that can definitely kill H.Pylori in a person's stomach is the triple therapy antibiotics which are standard treatment for H.Pylori. It may be a good idea to be checked for H.Pylori if you have HG or are planning a pregnancy, then take the standard treatment if you test positive. There are reported cases where women with HG show improvement after the antibiotics. But there would be no reason to fork out for PinkStork's products when your GP can just give you a prescription. In pregnancy, it won't cost you anything. 

When I asked for evidence, I was directed to the PinkStork testimonials page. Call me cynical, but testimonials on the website of a page which is selling you a cure are not the same as independent evidence in an academic journal. Even if we can take the testimonials at face value and accept that they are genuine, this is not the same thing as a placebo controlled trial. If a woman who had HG last time takes this treatment and has a better time this time, how do we know if was because of the treatment, or because of something else, or just coincidental. Also, many of the women giving the testimonials say that they are also taking zofran (ondansetron), but less of it than last time. We know that getting treatment earlier reduces severity of symptoms, so maybe this time the mother started zofran earlier than in her previous pregnancy, and that is the reason her symptoms are less severe and she needs less zofran. We will never know, because these details are not available, like they would be if a trial had been done. I wonder how many women have tried this 'cure' and it hasn't worked? Again, this is crucial information but would Pinkstork publish a testimonial saying this is rubbish, it did nothing? Would women bother to write?