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Survey on attitudes

The interim results of this survey can be viewed here but further submission are welcome. For an exploration of why some HCPs believe that HG is psychosomatic and evidence that it's not, see All in your head?

This survey is intended to record instances of comments which have been said to you by a healthcare professional which you felt have trivialised your illness. In particular we wish to record comments which have intimated that your illness is all in your head, or that you have brought upon yourself by your behaviour or attitude or comments which have suggested that an improvement in your mood would lead directly to an improvement in your symptoms. Only record instances said by a healthcare professional, not friends or family (unless they are also a GP or other HCP who would see pregnant women).

Please fill in a separate form for each person who made a comment to you eg if you saw two different GPs and they each made such a comment, please fill in a separate form for each one. The intention of the survey is to collect information about current practice so please only record comments which were made within the last 5 years. This is for a UK based consultation, so please only submit a form if the comments were made to you in the UK (including all countries in Great Britain and Northern Irelend).

Survey of HCP Attitudes