UK Sufferers Support Network

As horrendous as the constant nausea and uncontrollable vomiting is, almost the worst aspect of HG for many women is the lack of understanding from those around her. Working with the charity Pregnancy Sickness Support, it is our intention to offer support to sufferers and provide a much needed ear for women who feel isolated. A network of regional team leaders has been established around the country who will be a central contact for both volunteers and sufferers in their area. 


If you have suffered from HG, and wish to offer some support for a new sufferer, please give your details in the form. The support will be provided in the first instance by email or phone. We will try to match up sufferers by location in the UK, and sufferer and supporter can discuss between themselves if they want to make a visit to the sufferer. Face to face meetings may not suit everyone so please say in the form what kind of support you are happy to give and roughly where in the UK you are located. Even if you can't do a visit, being in the same location is useful because you may have experience of local hospitals and health professionals which you can tell the sufferer about by phone or email. Even an email from someone who understands can be a lifeline to a women alone at home with nobody else to talk to about what she is going through. If you are a relative, partner or friend who has cared for an HG sufferer, you can offer support too. Your details will be sent to the appropriate regional team leader who will contact you about the next steps in the process. You can volunteer via the volunteer page of the PSS website at

Requesting Support

You can request support via the Support Network page of the PSS site at