Other websites

Pregnancy Sickness Support

This website is run by GPs and midwives in the Nuneaton area of the midlands of England. The link is 
This is an excellent source of information and help. There is a helpline that you can call where you leave a message and a midwife will call you back. You can discuss your concerns and the midwife will advise you or she can also arrange a call back with one of the doctors. This is a source of medical advice and they also keep information about doctors around the country who are experienced in treating HG.

HER Foundation

The HER foundation was created by two HG sufferers and one of their husbands in the USA. It has grown enormously since its inception and is the foremost hub for information and research into HG on the internet. The home page is located at 
There are support threads by UK women on the HER talk boards. There is a list of forums for women outside the USA at http://forums.helpher.org/viewforum.php?f=18. You can also
 go to the forum page at http://forums.helpher.org/ and search for UK. 
There is also a page of press articles, some of which are from the UK at http://www.helpher.org/PressCenter/index.php

It is also useful to search the HER website for information about medications, eating, your own and the baby's health, complications and many other topics. The HER site is large and quite detailed and can be a bit daunting for sufferers especially if using a computer makes you feel sick. We have included links to the HER on various specific topics where appropriate so that you can go straight to the relevant page rather than navigating.


Motherisk is a website for pregnancy sickness sufferers based in Toronto, Canada. http://www.motherisk.org/women/forum.jsp
They also have a forum for questions from women outside of Canada at http://www.motherisk.org/women/forum_subcategory.jsp?subcategory_id=25

Steunpunt, Netherlands

There is a new website for sufferers in the Netherlands http://www.steunpunthg.nl
The founder is an HG sufferer who has recently set up a support network similar to the one in the UK.