Tips for Admissions

1. Take ear plugs and an eye mask to help you sleep. Hospital wards are busy, noisy places during the day when you might want to catch up on your sleep.

2. Be prepared to have a cannula fitted - a needle is used to insert a short plastic tube through which your fluids are run into your veins.

3. Siting a cannula can be more difficult in a dehydrated patient so ask for an experienced nurse to do this. Also some women find that a child size cannula is easier to insert than a normal size one.

4. If the cannula site feels hot or painful, tell the nurse straight away as it could be infected.

5. If you are having IV cyclizine, ask the nurse to make sure it's diluted. Cyclizine can be painful during infusion if it's undiluted.

6. If it's past the time for your medication, don't be afraid to call the nurse and remind them. 

7. If you are still at the stage where the sight and/or smell of food makes you retch, tell the nurse and ask them not to bring you food until you can cope with it.

8. Ask for a meeting with a consultant to discuss your care plan for the rest of the pregnancy. If possible have your partner or a relative or friend with you as you may still be too ill to properly take everything in.

9. Before you are discharged make sure that there is a plan in place for you to have oral medication and that there has been proper communication with your GP for you to have repeat prescriptions.

10. Ask if it is possible for you to have a fast track admission process perhaps through a dedicated day unit, early pregnancy unit or directly to the ward rather than via A&E in the event that you have to be readmitted.