Press Articles

An article in This is Somerset about the excellent care given to Sarah Button during her HG pregnancy, and the support offered by a PSS volunteer. Care During Pregnancy Above and Beyond

See Express Article HG to read about Andrea McEwans experience of having HG. It's a well written article with comments from the founders of Pregnancy Sickness Support. 

An article in The Northumberland Gazette about Andrea McEwan and her experience of HG.

An article in the Bournemouth Echo about Lauren Bignall and her experience of HG

An article on 'This is Cornwall" about sufferer Caitlin Dean and her work to set up a national support network.

A BBC news article about a hyperemesis clinic at the Royal London Hospital 

A BBC news article about research showing that you are 3 times more likely to suffer from HG if your mother also has it. 

An extract of the research, which was published in the British Medical Journal, can be viewed here