Scholarships, fellowships and grants

I am a proud recipient of the UMD Ann G Wylie Dissertation Fellowship, the UMD Dean’s Fellowship, the Palantir Scholarship for Women in Technology and several conference travel grants.

If you are interested in having your scholarship essays/materials reviewed by me for a small fee, please email me at pretsbhargava[at]gmail[dot]com.

I have compiled this list of fellowships, scholarships and grants, for postdoctoral, graduate and undergraduate studies, from several sources (in no particular order). Please feel free to email me about opportunities not mentioned on this page and I'd be happy to add them here.

Postdoctoral fellowships and grants:

Luis W. ALvarez Postdoctoral fellowship in Computing Sciences

General fellowships and research grants:

Samsung GRO - Only professors can apply for this 

Women and underrepresented groups only:

Apple iOS scholarships

UMD specific:

Conference Travel Grants: