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How to install

1. Download the files

You'll need :
. (maple driver, needed only the first time you upgrade, made with libusb-win32 v1.2.5).
. dfu-util.exe (the upload utility)
. PreenFM_R3_vX.xx.cmd (the command that calls dfu_util.exe with the right parameters).
. PreenFM_R3_vX.xx.bin (the firmware)

(don't use *_R2_* files unless you have a PCB R2, but you don't have one, if you upgrade with a R2 firmware your LCD will remain blank but nothing is broken, just upgrade again with R3 files)

2. Set Boot Loader mode

2.1. Direct connection to the maple mini

You cannot update with the main USB cable provided with the PreenFM.

You have to find an USB mini cable (the one provided with any 2.5 inch hard drive) and plug your usb mini cable directly into the maple mini. You only have to screw off the 2 top screws.

2.2. Hit the reset button (it’s the button labeled RESET). Notice that your board blinks quickly 6 times, then blinks slowly a few more times.

2.3. Hit reset again, and this time push and hold the other button during the 6 fast blinks (the normal button is labeled BUT). You can release it once the slow blinks start. It will keep on blinking for ever meaning it's ready to be flashed.

At this point windows can see it.

3. Install windows driver
Once it's blinking, if you never installed the maple driver, in your device manager "Maple 003" will show up beside a yellow warning sign.

If you don't see it try "Scan for hardware changes".

Right click on "Maple 003", install driver, provide a driver, than chose the directory where you extracted

If you see this windows warning, accept the driver :

After that, the yellow sign will disapear and you will see "Maple 003" under "lib-usb win32 devices".

4. Upload the firmware

Put the 3 following files in the same directory:
. dfu-util.exe 
. PreenFM_R3_v1.xx.cmd 
. PreenFM_R3_v1.xx.bin 

Then run the CMD one. 
The led should blink faster during 10 seconds, while you should see on your PC console a progress bar.
Then the maple mini reboot and you're done. You can unplug the usb cable and close the PreenFM.