Google pre-COLT workshop 2013

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Google New York is organizing a machine learning and optimization mini-workshop one day prior to COLT 2013 (Conference on Learning Theory that is held this year at Princeton University). Our goal is to gather researchers from academia and industry to participate in a half-day workshop with researchers and engineers at Google. We expect to have three main parts to the workshop: 1) talks by invited researchers, 2) talks by Googlers, and 3) an open discussion about research problems that are motivated by applications at Google. This mini-workshop is free.

List of speakers

  • Nicolò Cesa-Bianchi, University of Milan, Italy, The Power of Adaptive Adversaries in Online Learning
  • Kaushik Sinha, Wichita State University, USA, Randomized partition trees for exact nearest neighbor search
  • Gergely Neu, Technical University of Budapest, Hungary, Following the perturbed leader is better than you would think
  • Silvio Lattanzi, Google New York, Local Algorithms and Large Scale Graph Clustering
  • Joëlle Skaf, Google New York, Directed Graph Consensus via Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers
  • Nitish Korula, Google New York, Algorithms for Stochastic Online Allocation


The talks and open discussion will take place on 10th Floor in Central Park tech talk room from 1pm-5pm.

11:45am -- 12:15am Registration
12:15pm -- 1:00pm Lunch -- 5th floor, Water Tower Cafe
1:00pm -- 1:15pm Opening remarks -- 10th floor, Central Park Tech Talk Room
1:15pm -- 1:45pm Nitish Korula: Algorithms for Stochastic Online Allocation
1:45pm -- 2:15pm Kaushik Sinha: Randomized partition trees for exact nearest neighbor search
2:15pm -- 2:45pm Silvio Lattanzi: Local Algorithms and Large Scale Graph Clustering
2:45pm -- 3:15pm Break: coffee & cakes. Open discussion.
3:15pm -- 3:45pm Nicolò Cesa-Bianchi: The Power of Adaptive Adversaries in Online Learning
3:45pm -- 4:15pm Joëlle Skaf: Directed Graph Consensus via Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers
4:15pm -- 4:45pm Gergely Neu: Following the perturbed leader is better than you would think

List of participants

  1. Philippe Rigollet, Princeton University
  2. Quentin Berthet, Princeton University
  3. Vianney Perchet, Princeton University
  4. Sébastien Bubeck, Princeton University
  5. Emilie Kaufmann, Princeton University
  6. Che-Yu Liu, Princeton University
  7. Nicolò Cesa-Bianchi, University of Milan, Italy
  8. Sanjoy Dasgupta, UC San Diego
  9. Kaushik Sinha, UC San Diego
  10. Gergely Neu, Technical University of Budapest, Hungary
  11. Gabor Bartok, ETH Zurich
  12. Claudio Gentile, University of Insurbia, Italy
  13. Mark Herbster, University College London
  14. Stephen Pasteris, University College London
  15. Pranjal Awasthi, Carnegie Mellon University
  16. Manfred Warmuth, UC Santa Cruz
  17. Wojciech Kotlowski, Poznań University of Technology, Poland
  18. Wouter M. Koolen, CWI, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  19. Varun Kanade, UC Berkeley
  20. Luis Rademacher, Ohio State University
  21. Joseph Anderson, Ohio State University
  22. James Voss, Ohio State University
  23. Xinghua Lou, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
  24. Marius Kloft, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
  25. Yasin Abassi-Yadkori, Queensland University of Technology, Australia
  26. Yaron Singer, Harvard University
  27. Matus Telgarsky, UC San Diego
  28. Maria Florina Balcan, Georgia Institute of Technology
  29. Tor Lattimore, Australian National University
  30. Zhenming Liu, Princeton University
  31. Huan Wang, Yale
  32. Bernie Wang, Tufts University
  33. Fares Hedayati, UC Berkeley

If you are a COLT attendee and you would like to come, please send email to David Pal ( If we have just forgot to mention your name, please send us an email as well, so that we know that you're coming.

There will be around 30 people from research and engineering, some of them watching us live from other Google offices.


Registration is free. If you want to spend the night in the city we can point you to a good hotel within walking distance with a rate of $205 a night. Just let us know.


The workshop will be held at Google New York in Manhattan. The Google office is in the old Port Authority Building that occupies the block between 15th and 16th Streets, and 8th and 9th Avenues. Google owns the whole building, but there are many other companies in the building. It is a giant red brick building with discreet white Google signs on the outside of the building at the second floor level. The lobby is more clearly marked with colorful Google neon signs.

The building has two entrances with receptions, one on 9th Avenue and one on 8th Avenue. Please use the 8th Avenue reception. The building security at the reception will have a list of your names. Bring photo ID with you. Between 11:45am - 12:15pm, there will be some Googlers waiting for you at the reception. If you want to catch lunch, please be at the reception during that time window. At 12:15pm, we move to the 5th floor to lunch. If you plan to arrive outside of that time window, please let us know.

If you happen to arrive late, security will send you to Google reception at 4th floor. When you arrive to 4th floor reception, let the Google receptionist know and we will pick you up from there. You might need to wait a bit though.

The official address

Google, Inc.
76 Ninth Ave, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10011

Google New York

The simplest way to get to our office is to take the subway A,C,E (blue line), or L (grey line), and get off at the 14th Street / 8 Avenue stop. One of the exits at the 14th street stop is right inside the Google building, literally few steps from 8th Ave reception; the exit is marked "Port Authority Building".

If you're arriving at JFK airport, take the AirTrain to Jamaica Station and from there take the E subway train to 14th Street stop. You can take a cab, but expect to pay roughly $65-70 (including a tip).

If you're arriving from Newark airport or Princeton take the NJ transit train to New York Penn Station. See NJ transit website for the schedule. (On the way from Princeton you need to change trains at Princeton Junction.) From New York Penn Station, you can either walk down 8th Avenue (15-20 minutes) or take a downtown bound A,C,E train to 14th Street stop.

We strongly urge you not to drive to Manhattan. You would need to pay tolls at a bridge or tunnel, and parking in Manhattan is expensive.


David Pal, Software Engineer,, cellphone: +1 (646) 206 4832,
Corinna Cortes, Head of Google Research New York,