MSM Parents Association

Welcome to the Manhattan School of Music (MSM) Precollege Division Parents Association website. While our children study at one of the most prestigious conservatories in the world, the Parents Association strives to enhance the Precollege community by providing information, receptions, master classes, graduation, and events that bring our community together -- like the International Food Festival. This website was created by the Precollege PA and is maintained by the Parents Association for
the Parents Association.

The intention of this website is to help improve communication among MSM Precollege families. Please feel free to make suggestions for improvement to: All input is welcome! Your thoughts and ideas matter!

Come meet the Executive Board members on Saturdays at the PA table in the lobby.  

Michael Steger, President
Guowei Li, Vice President
Alicia Smith, Secretary

For the MSM Precollege Academic Calendar provided by the Precollege administration, click here.

The mission of the MSM Precollege PA is to:
  • Enhance the Precollege community
  • Provide a link between the parents and administration of the school
  • Aid the school in raising scholarship funds
  • Sponsor special events and activities (e.g. masterclasses) that benefit the school
  • Support the goals and mission of the school

MSM Parents Association

If you have time, please volunteer to help with the following events or projects:
  • Receptions following concerts
  • International Food Festival
  • Yearbook photos
  • Yearbook formatting
  • Graduation Day
  • Website
  • Membership
  • Bake sales (fall & spring)
All Parents Association activities are made possible by your annual PA dues-donation. Recommended donation is $40 per family for those with students under grade 12 (a $100 surcharge per family for those with a student graduating this year was added to tuition for students in grade 12); however, donations of any size help provide the activities and events sponsored by the PA. Please click here to contribute.

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year!