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The South

     During this part in history, America's west portion was divided into two sections, the North and the South. These two regions separated because of the certain beliefs on the sensitive topic of slavery. The South believed that containing slavery in their lands was considered fine with society. In the southern states, one third of the population was composed of slaves. They held roughly around four million African Americans.

The South was the area where most of the slaves lived and worked diligently almost their entire life.  In fact, in the year 1900, 9 out of 10 African American slaves settled in the South (The American Civil War). During this period, White men would generally own farmland and needed slaves to maintain the land. Thus, they would go to the local store and purchase a slave and transport it back to the house. The slave would have most likely come from Africa or the West Indies and was almost certainly separated from his/her family and loved ones. The slave owners would provide food and shelter for the slave, but with very harsh conditions.

The circumstances were crucial and ranged from not able to drink water, to getting brutal whip lashes on your back. Surprisingly, eight of the first twelve presidents were indeed, slave owners,(The American Civil War). African Americans were considered lower class then that of White men. If a slave would commit some type of crime, one of the options was being tarred-and-feathered alive. Most African Americans were very fortunate enough to have escaped from the brutal South and make it safely to the North. It wasn't until one of the greatest presidents, Abraham Lincoln, came to his term that slaves were at the beginning of a new change... which was there to stay.
 ~Sophia Benavides
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