About Precision For Vision 

            UCR's Precision For Vision was founded in Winter Quarter 2009. We are a club that is open to students that are interested in optometry. In Precision For Vision, we help pre-optometry students network with students taking the same courses. Together, we attend off-campus admissions workshops and lectures hosted by Californian optometry schools. We also host guest speakers to discuss the future and progress of the field of optometry, as well as the prospective of optometry as a career. Members gain insight about admissions from school representatives, and members have the opportunity to ask local optometrist speakers about their experiences. 

2012-2013 Cabinet 


Nageen Asadi 

4th Year Environmental Science major

Fun Fact: I speak three languages (Farsi, Turkish, and English). 


Richard Phan
3rd year Biology Major
Extracurricular Activities:Supplemental Instructor @ UCR ARC
Fun Fact: I enjoy fishing 

Vice President 

Stephanie Le
4th year Biology Major
Extracurricular Activities: UCR Flying Samaritans Optometry Clinic Coordinator
Fun fact: I've been in Girl Scouts for over 13 years!!!
Outreach Chair 

Jessica Barragan
4th year Statistics Major
Extracurricular Activities: Interns for Security Financial Online 
Fun Fact: Grandpa is from Asian descent


Tommy Chin 
Third Year Biology major 
Extracurricular Activities: 
Intern at Sears Optical
Fun Facts: I like to dance to hip hop music


Heather Huang
Third Year Biology Major 
Fun Fact: I love to sing 
Extracurricular Activities: Shadowing a local Optometrist 


Publicity Chair 

Michelle Zaw
Third Year Biology Major 
Extracurricular Activities: 
Supplemental Instructions Leader for Chemistry at UCR
Interests/Fun Facts:I am a big fan of the 80's films. 


Brandon Luu
Third Year Biology Major
Extracurricular Activities: Shadowing an Opthamologist 
Fun Fact: I like riding my bike long distances