Tweaking Spiral Knights

The easiest way to tweak Spiral Knights is to follow the instruction here.  Here is a summary of what to do:
  1. locate your Spiral Knights installation.  For Steam users, it is usually in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Spiral Knights".  See above link for location of your platform;
  2. download one of the following performance profiles.  You can find some sample profiles below:
    • Medium. This is the minimal configuration for netbooks and legacy hardware. It should help eliminate 80% (or more) of lag due to Java;
    • Very High. This is a configuration for mid-range hardware or laptops. It will tell Java to utilize at 512MB to 1GB memory;
    • Maximum. This configuration is designed for high-end hardware. It consists of tweaking from both Medium and Very High profiles and will utilize graphic card acceleration using OpenGL;
    • Mac (experimental).  This configuration is designed for Mac platform.  It has OpenGL acceleration enabled by default.  Special thanks to Jakuta for testing out the settings;
    • Corsa (deprecated).  This is a configuration created by Corsa.  Some users reported good results with this setting.  Note this profile is deprecated due to the latest official performance tweaking;
    • Multicores (experimental).  This is a configuation suggested by Knightmehr and uses the parallel garbage collector.  It works best with a good multicore processor.  Requires Java 5 or above;
    • Java 7 (experimental).  This is a configuration suggested by Knightmehr and uses the new G1 garbage collector in Java 7;
  3. copy the file extra.txt to your Spiral Knights installation directory (overwrite if needed).  For Steam users, you may need to turn off Steam before you perform the copy;
  4. launch the game and enjoy the difference!