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Zazu - Pineapple Green Cheek Conure

Heather and Family

Thanks so much for our Conure "Zazu". As soon as we brought her home she immediately took to all members of our family.

She is everything I was hoping for. She is playful, cuddly, talkative (baby talk) and is such a social butterfly. We adore her and thanks for all your expert raising and handling of her as it is evident to everyone who meets her just how happy and socialable she is, only someone who really cared could send home such a perfect bird. I greatly appreciated your vast knowledge and I am so happy we could find someone like you close to home. I hope you will enjoy the pictures of Zazu and her antics with our family now and for many years to come. Zazu was created just for us and we adore her. She is our smiling bird.

Thanks so much

Heather and Family


Oliver - Pearly Conure

Sean, Kelly and Ethan Hughes
Oshawa, Ontario

Our new addition to our family arrived in March 2010.  Oliver is a pearly conure.  After meeting Valle several times at her home we knew purchasing a conure from her was the right thing to do.  Valle is extremely knowledgeable and truly cares about her feathered friends.  Valle patiently answered all our questions.  She was informative enough that we knew what to expect and felt comfortable with being owners of a conure.

Oliver has surprises us all.  He is very social, lovable and enjoys spending time with us.  Below are some more pictures of Oliver!  We would highly recommend anyone interested in being a conure owner to contact Valle.


Chip - Pearly Conure

"Valle has been a great support before and after I got Chip from Precious Feathers Aviary. She always answered any questions I had in preparing my home for Chip, and is interested in hearing about updates of his new home. It is clear that she loves her birds - Chip snuggled with me the day I brought him home, and is always looking forward to hanging out with his new family. She has raised a very friendly bird who loves his humans!"

He's become the sweetheart of myself and my parents, but he's a sweet and quiet boy (until I play piano). I'm still trying to warm him up with other areas of the house (other than where his cage is). I've also taught him 2 and a half tricks! He can spin (either with a gesture or verbal command), and shake hands. I'm still working on the Wave though. Chip is always ready to do things for treats, and he'd become frantic within minutes of trying to learn a trick. He's calmed down since, and he's learning to learn.

Also, you can see a short video of Chip screaming and singing with the piano here.



Mr. Pippin French - Cinnamon Green-Cheek Conure

Amanda, Andrew, and Ethan French

Oshawa, Ontario

Purchased: April, 2008

I found Valle via the internet. I knew that I wanted a parrot, but after researching the many species, I was slightly overwhelmed and wasn’t sure what type to get. I called Valle because of how professional her website was. From the first time we spoke on the phone, I was certain and overjoyed about her love of birds. We must have talked for an hour before I made plans to come to her house for a visit.

When we arrived at Valle and her husband John’s home, I could physically see how much she cared for her birds. Valle was very knowledgeable about all her birds and asked me about our lifestyle (we have a 10 year old) and preferences. We quickly narrowed down that we would be a Conure people!

We were shown four or five cinnamon green-cheeked Conures that were available. They all “stepped up”, they were all so tame—it was an amazing experience. I immediately nicknamed Valle, “The Bird Whisperer” (because she truly is). After visiting with the troop of playful Conures, we found that little #425 was our favourite. Once we confirmed that he was indeed a male, HE WAS MINE!

This is Mr. Pippin French. He is the best little guy in the world. I want to thank Valle so much for all her advice and professionalism. Pippy is one of the best things that has happened to my family, ever!

We are happy to announce that Pippin will soon be getting a cage-mate. I am ecstatic to say that I will be getting another beautiful bird from Valle and John Pegg….my advice: YOU SHOULD TOO!

Here are some more photos:



Pete - Yellow Sided Green-Cheek Conure
Chip - Cinnamon Green-Cheek Conure


Toronto, Ontario

Purchased: Spring 2011


Back in the spring of 2011, our family was interested in purchasing a Parrot and after doing some research, we decided on a Green Cheek Conure and so the search began.  I immediately got on the internet and started searching for breeders in Ontario.  I corresponded with many but found that Valle from Precious Feathers Aviary was the most helpful and most informative breeder.  She was extremely patient with my many e-mails and questions as we took it very seriously to add a new member into our family of 5, including our dog.  We were very happy with our decision to have Valle as our breeder as it’s evident to us that she loves her birds very much and cares about where they are homed.  We proceeded to meet with her on several occasions and also met with some of the babies when she had them available.  It took some time as she doesn’t over breed her birds and you can’t predict when babies will be available.  And at one time we were considering another breeder and she was even open to the idea of us going elsewhere and advised us what to look out for, but I’m very happy that we patiently waited!!  



At first, we wanted just one bird, PETE (Yellow sided), but upon our visits, we found his brother CHIP (Cinnamon) to be very loving towards my husband and therefore could not just come home with just one.  So in the fall of 2011, we were very excited to bring home both.  They keep each other company but love human companionship as well.  We love our birds very much and are incredibly grateful to Valle for her continued support for our babies.  She always interested in knowing how our birds are doing.  We’ve not only found lifelong support for our birds but have found a lifelong friend in Valle!! 

Madeline from Toronto, Ontario CANADA.