Sun Conure (Aratinga Solstitialis)

Little Miss Sunshine and Spirit are one of our future breeding pairs.

It is said that a flock of Sun Conures flying in the evening sky resembles a beautiful sunset. The Sun conure is a very social, spirited, curious, active, playful, and loving conure. They are full of personality in a breath taking package! They can however be very loud! They are from northeast South America, but can be found in Central America up into Mexico. They are around 12 inches in length. Their body build is slender, and their feathers are bright, iridescent shades of  yellow, orange, blue, and green. Young suns tend to have feathers which are predominantly green, while older birds sport more of the yellow or reddish-orange. This change of feather coloring from green to the brighter oranges, golds and yellows is most noticeable on the back, abdomen and head of the bird as it matures. General plumage is yellow and green while the cheeks, forehead, abdomen and down to the lower back are tinged with bright fiery orange. The outer webs of the primary flight feathers are a deep blue while the primaries are bright green; the secondaries are also green. The upper side of the tail is colored an olive-green with blue tips; the under tail-coverts are green with a marked yellow tinge; the median and greater upper wing-coverts are green with yellow edging. All of these colors become brighter and more vivid as the bird matures, with some birds sporting almost totally yellow tones in their body color. The beak and feet are both black.

Here are 2 baby sun conures who are just starting to get all their feathers.

 Here you can see 3 babies at different ages. So adorable!

There are red factor sun conures which have a lot of red on their bodies and the pied mutation, which we have here. When mature the pieds have very little or no green or blue, the flight feathers and tail turn yellow or white, their beaks start light and gradually turn black. Their feet are light instead of black.  They are quite striking!!! Soleil and Belle are two pied girls.

Belle and Soleil are our 2 female Pied Sun Conures.

Our Female Pied Sun Conure Soleil.
 This is our new Pied Sun Conure owned by Susan and I. She is from Montreal, so we thought Soleil was a fitting name for her. She is named after one of the Suns that I hand fed earlier this year as well, who I loved!
She should lose most of the green as she matures.

Our Female Pied Sun Conure Soleil Flying.

I have one Sun as a pet, and he keeps me laughing. He is so funny with his little voice and his silly personality. Razz a.k.a. Razzy, Razzle Dazzle, Razzy D. He is best buddies with my Gold Cap Riot and the two are inseparable …well Razz doesn’t like to be anywhere without Riot. Razz will try to mate my hand and cheek and often regurgitates food for me…nothing says, “I Love You” more than a sun conure throwing up food to feed you!!! he he he  Razz also likes to say, “NO” when you point your finger at him. He is so funny!!  When I am reading he likes to rub his beak across the pages to make noise. Razz does say a few words, “Peek-a-Boo”, “Poo Poo”, “Good Boy”, “ NO”, “John” and he is really good at imitating chewing and laughing! Many of our breeder Suns say a word or two. Sun conures love to snuggle in your shirt and Razz knows when I say “Wanna go in my shirt?” He dives right in!! LOL  Razz is an excellent watch bird and will let us know if there is anyone coming, or if there is some perceived danger lurking about outside!!

  Razz as a baby with his immature colouring.

 Riot (left is a Gold Cap Conure) and Razz (Right is a  Sun Conure)
This was taken when Razz was still a baby.

Pekabu and Belle (Pied) are one of our future breeding pairs.

Bell is a female pied sun conure.

The above picture was taken by my friend Pam who does this website for me. This is her 7 and a half year old Sun Conure Jessie James. For more pictures and videos of Jessie visit his website - click here.

Here is our new red factor male "FIESTA" we are adding to our breeding program. Thanks to Krystle from PixiePeeps for this beautiful boy.

Belle is a female pied sun conure.

Arya - We are keeping her for future breeding.

Belle doing the cobra sway protecting her babies.

Go Fly A Kite... LOL Red Factor on Macaw Kite!

Pied & Red Factor babies.

Red Factor baby exercising her wings.

Red Factor baby.

Two pied females.

Red Factor Pied male Phoenix.

Red Factor Pied male Phoenix.

Red Factor Pied male Phoenix.