Pearly Conure (Pyrrhura Perlata Lepida)

4 Pearly Conures Babies

The Pearly Conure is found in northeastern Brazil and is mostly dark green. The forecrown, crown and nape are dark brown with buff edging around the nape. The cheeks are dull blue and there is also blue on the hind neck. The ear coverts are brownish white and the sides of the neck, throat and upper breast are all dark brown with light buff edges and dark brown tips. The upper breast may have a little blue. The shoulder and lesser underwing coverts are bright red. The primaries are dark blue. The tail feathers are maroon on their upper surface and olive at the base. Beak, legs and feet are greyish black. They are around 9.5 inches in length and weigh around 70 grams.

4 Pearly Conures Babies - a bit older. Our male breeder Cooper is the
3 rd one over from the left side, with the white toe.

The nominate race is Pyrrhura p. perlata or Crimson bellied Conure. Pyrrhura p. lepida, Pyrrhura p. coerulescens and Pyrrhura p. anerythra are subspecies.

Pearly Conures are beautiful little birds and are quiet enough for an apartment. They can be cheeky and are active and curious. As they mature, their colours become more vibrant, and I think the iridescent blue with the green remind me of a peacock. I just love their cute little faces! When they puff their cheeks out, their faces are too die for!!! Ha ha ha The kids always like when we have baby Pearly’s here, they are so much fun!

This is Cooper, he is paired with Chloe who is pictured below.

 This is Chloe, she is paired with Cooper who is pictured above.

 Our breeding pair - Cooper & Chloe. What a happy couple.