Riot - Gold Capped Conure

Razz - Sun Conure

Greycie Mae - Timneh African Grey


Jewel - Saluki

Paris - Black Grizzle Saluki

Dolly - Whippet

We welcome our new addition Dolly to the family! She is a beautiful, sweet 4-year-old whippet girl! She is fitting in nicely and is so well behaved. We look forward to many wonderful years with her like our beloved Dighty.


Kaos - Seal Point Himalayan (Left)

Sable - Tortie Point Himalayan (Right)

Dighty - Whippet - Born October 14, 2000

It has been a very difficult time for us having to say Goodbye to our wonderful whippy girl. She was the greatest dog and everyone's favourite! She was never sick until this past March when she started showing signs. I so miss rubbing her ears and the way she would put her front legs up on you ever so gently when she was excited!
We will miss you sweet girl, we already miss you like crazy. We will miss you going to the Drive-in with us, your cuddles, our walks, just seeing your sweet face is killing me. Everyone would laugh when you would look at your wacky saluki sisters with a whatever, they're nuts attitude, so calm when they were being rowdy goofballs. I will so miss seeing you curled up with Dakota having your naps! Oh ya... and the way you would bounce around on three legs in the snow, was so funny! We loved you from the first time we set eyes on you and we were through the moon when Roberta asked if we would like to have you...ah....YES!!!  Your suffering is over sweet girl, we did what we could and I am sorry you had to go so soon. We love you and with your pictures all around and our wonderful memories we will never ever forget you!

Click the images below to see some of my favorite photos of Dighty.