Green Cheek Conures (Pyrrhura molinae)

One of our breeding pairs - Levi & Chanel.
Levi (male) is a normal green cheek split to yellowside, cinnamon
and blue. Chanel (female) is a Pineapple Green Cheek split to blue.
Levi got his name cause it's all about the "genes"

Parents are Levi and Chanel
turquoise yellowside, cinnamon/blue and turquoise pineapple

Parents are Levi and Chanel
turquoise yellowside, cinnamon/blue and turquoise pineapple

Green Cheek Conures inhabit west-central and southern Mato Grosso, Brazil. Through northern and Eastern Bolivia to northwest Argentina. They like the forest where they form huge flocks in the treetops. They are a small conure weighing around 70g and are about 10 inches in length.

Green Cheeks or “Cheeky’s” as I like to call them are fairly quiet conures, especially when compared to the Sun or Gold Cap. They are perfectly suited for an apartment or condo. They may be small but they have huge personalities. They are active, curious, intelligent, loving and cuddly. They are not the best talkers but some have been known to say a few words or phrases, in a little gravely voice. They are known to be nippy, but as with all birds, with patience, guidance, socialization and an understanding of the species, they can become wonderful family pets.

They also come in a variety of colours mutations, yellowside, cinnamon, pineapple, and turquoise. For anyone new to mutations, a "visual" bird is one that is that color. But birds can also be "split".  This means that they are carrying the gene for that color, but are visually indistinguishable from a normal bird.  They can pass that gene onto their offspring however, and may have visual babies. A sex-linked mutation is passed on differently from a recessive mutation.  One thing that many people get confused about is that ONLY males can be split.  The females cannot be split, but they can be visual.  Many people are selling females that were supposedly split to a sex-linked mutation, which is impossible!

The cheeky to the far right is our male blue pineapple!!!!! YAHOO He
will be kept for breeding. He will be paired to a pineapple split to blue
female. There are not many of these mutations in Canada as of
we are very excited!!!

Dior with all his feathers.

3 Cinnamon Green Cheek Babies.

yellowsided male

Everyone loves babies, here are just a few of our recent cheeky babies:



Turquoise Yellowsided