Gold Capped Conure (Aratinga Auricapilla)

This is my pet Gold Cap Conure Riot flying.

The Gold Cap is often over looked next to the more colourful cousins the Sun and Jenday. Gold Caps are more mellow, the calmer of the three. They do have a loud scream in the morning, evening, when they get startled or excited or just to welcome you home! They are medium sized and are from southeastern Brazil, around 150 grams, 13-14 inches long. Gold Caps are mainly green with red outlining the top of the beak and around the eyes, changing from red to orange to yellow as it goes up the top of the head. They have a speckling of red and orange on the cheeks. They have varying degrees of red on the breast and back, the flight feathers and tail tips are navy blue.

8 Week Old Gold Cap Conure Max.

There are two subspecies, one being the nominate race which I have listed above the Auricapilla and the second which is more rare the Aurifrons. The Aurifrons has no coloration below the eye.

2 Male babies just getting their feathers.

The Gold Capped Conure is one of my favourites! They are very bonded to their caregiver; they have sweet personalities and are quite smart. My Riot can say many words, such as “Peek-a-boo”,  “Whatcha doin”, “Come on” , “Boring”,  “Poo Poo”, “Dancin”,  “Good Boy” and many more words,  he can wave “Hi”,  poop in the toilet (don’t ask! Ha ha ha ) and can say John, Jared and Jordan…but has yet to learn how to call his Mommy by her name! LOL He can also whistle, give kisseys, laugh and imitate the ringer on the phone, water drops, chewing etc. My younger Gold Caps were also quick at picking up words, and love to talk or do sounds to get your attention. They love to click their tongues along with you and bob their heads. They love to cuddle and be with their people. I have never met a Gold Cap that I didn’t fall in love with!!

Riot (left) is a Gold Cap Conure. Razz (right) is a Sun Conure.
Both males and they are best buds. 

Gold Cap Conures Scout (left) and Max (Right) again.