These are some of the babies we have sold. These babies have been bred by us.

 This is Bonsai...a green male parrotlet bred and hand raised at Precious Feathers. He now is loved by Victoria, and she is doing an incredible job training him! You won't believe how smart these little birds are!! You can see their videos on you tube here and here.

Here are some of the babies we have hand fed for other breeders in the past.

 4 Cinnamon Green Cheek Conures
2 males and 1 female found great homes. The 4th conure - a male is staying with us. The males are split to yellowside.

3 Black Headed Caiques
The youngest female (Magic) is staying with us as a pet. 1 male and the other female went to their new homes.

2 Timneh African Greys.
Sid went to live with Ginette in Windsor, Ontario.
Greycie Mae joined our family as a pet.

 These 2 sun conures have gone to their new homes.

3 Pearly Conures
Have gone to their new homes. We kept the one with a whit toe.

Coach the sun conure went to live with the Gerardi's in Windsor, Ontario.

Soleil sun conure is in her new home.

Bunch of sun conures - they are all in new homes.

4 green cheek conures - they are all in their new homes.