From Left to Right - Jared, Valle, Caitlynn, and Jordan.

Hello, my name is Valle (pronounced Val) and I live in southern Ontario, Canada with my husband John, my two Sons Jordan & Jared and in late March 2009 we welcomed our daughter Dakota. We currently have 3 dogs and 2 cats along with our many parrots; pets, breeders and hand fed babies.

 I have always had a fascination with birds and have many fond memories of my Grandfather and I bird watching when I was just a young girl. Many of my early sketch books are filled with pictures of birds and they are still my favorite subjects to paint today!! My favorite display at the Royal Ontario Museum is the bird section. I could stand for hours and marvel at the tiniest Hummingbird to the majestic wingspan of the Albatross!

I have had several budgies throughout my life, and when we decided to get a bigger bird we started to research and go see different species at pet stores and bird shows. I saw my first Gold Capped Conure and I fell in love!!! I found a breeder and we brought home our first baby Gold Cap. Riot regressed after bringing him home and we quickly had to learn how to hand feed and we have never looked back. Hand feeding is very time consuming and there is so much you have to know and I am still learning new things with each clutch of birds I feed. We also abundance wean onto fresh veggies and fruits, home cooked grains and bean diet, as well as seeds and pellets. It is very rewarding to watch each little babe grow and blossom into their own little personalities!! Socializing each precious baby is also very important, as it is with children. I run a Daycare in my home and the combination of children and birds is a great mix. The birds get socialized with the children and the children get to learn about the birds and build an appreciation for each precious feather! I hope the children fall in love with birds as much as I have!!!

We have met so many great people through our birds and have made many friends. We hope to continue to build up our flock and raise sweet, lovable, well socialized wonderful family pets for many years to come.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, or if you are interested in any of the babies we are currently hand feeding. Check out our blog for updates on our Aviary and see current pictures from the Zoo, we would love for you to sign our guest book!!!!!

I also paint animals on things such as wooden boxes, stools, breakfast trays, potato bins etc. If you would like me to paint you up something from a picture of your precious pets, feel free to contact me for info!

We hope to hear from you soon!!


Valle, John & the Zoo


She was not quite what you would call refined. She was not
quite what you would call unrefined. She was the kind of person
that keeps a parrot ..... Mark Twain