Confectionery Equipment Used

Picture Below: Lightning flameproof motor and vessel. Sorry SOLD.
This has not been refurbished and is sold as seen. 

Over the years this vessel has been the recipient of several modifications. Thankfully none of these changes have effected the integrity of the vessel itself. The lid however has seen better days.

Planetary Mixers
We have several planetary mixers available, please inform us of your requirements. These can be sold refurbished or as seen dependent on your requirements.

Here we have a large 80 quart planetary mixer sold with bowl and beater attachment prior to being refurbished. 

E-mail: with your unwanted & unloved equipment and we will try and find it a new home! Even if it is broken the spare parts may just assist another confectioner.

Chocolate Dragee Pans
We usually have some dragee pans in stock (bought as seen) however we are happy to source the quantity of pans you require. Rather than just buying any pan off the shelf e-mail: with your requirments or finished product description and we will locate the most suitable pans available for you.

Chocolate Melting Tanks
The manufacturing confectioner usually requires a selection of chocolate melting tanks of various sizes. Please note we are happy to locate suitable pans for our clients but only stock up to 500 kg pans.
Stainless Steel Vessels
A range of stainless steel vessels (small) for the start up confectioner are available.

Spare Confectioners Pans 
Yes we cannot scrap any item which may be useful at some point in the future! It's copper and worth quite a bit in scrap but we just can't do it. Rather it went to a good home making confectionery. Please contact us for a price.