Chocolate Dragee Training Programme

Course One: Introduction to the art of "Chocolate Coating & Panning".
Course Two: Intermediate chocolate coating & panning milk, dark & white chocolate products.
Course Three: Advanced development of your own chocolate dragee products.
The Chocolate Dragee Training Programme is provided through a series of youtube videos  and lecture papers allowing the student to not only read about the art of chocolate coating and panning but to participate. It is advisable that each lecture is viewed prior to participation so that the necessary pieces of equipment and ingredients can be purchased in order to participate with the programme.
Links for the equipment & ingredients are provided.
The initial course is constructed with the home user (hobbyist) / new to confectionery manufacturing individual in mind.
Course Name: Introduction to the art of "Chocolate Coating & Panning".
Please note that this is an introduction to the art of chocolate coating and panning and the information provided is constructed with that in mind.
The relevant confectioners polish & varnishes can be purchased from this website.
If the student wishes they can register to complete the course and receive an examination paper to complete and return to Precious Chocolates Limited and they will receive a certificate on successful completion. 

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