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Pamela Rubina Elizabeth Barnett

On Neuroplasticity

Learning changes the brain

On José Martí

"Pensar es servir"

Word and Mind

Every mind is creative

I'm an educator with wide-ranging interests and credentials. My education praxis values, engages and empowers learners, encouraging collaboration, and emphasizing personal and social relevance.

Professor, Liberal Arts and Sciences, Toronto, Canada

Ph.D. University of Toronto

M.A. University of Toronto

B.A. University of Toronto

B.Ed. University of Toronto

Ontario Teacher Certification

Publications Include

"Re-imagining the Nation: Reflecting on Martí and Fanon." Identidades americanas: más allá de las fronteras nacionales. Ensayos en homenaje a Keith Ellis (P.U.I. University Press of the South, 2012).

English Translation of Luis Toledo Sande's Basket of Flames: A Biography of José Martí (La Habana: Editorial José Martí, 2002)

"Managing Diversity: Low-status Children in a Multicultural Classroom.” Multiculturalism (F.E.U.T.) 15 (1993) 1: 26-35.

"Pablo Neruda ¿moralismo profético o práxis poética?” Plural 156 (Mexico 1984): 45-49.

"Enrico Mario Santi, Pablo Neruda: The Poetics of Prophesy." Revista de estudios hispánicos X (Puerto Rico1983): 154-62.

Online Projects Include

Prezi slide presentations: mind maps on numerous topics on neuroplasticity, and learning and the brain

Curating trends and issues in education: topics include critical thinking, decolonizing the curriculum, sparking and enabling creativity, learner-driven education, blended and online learning, leadership, and critical pedagogy

Writings on publications on a variety of topics

Critical Pedagogy - a Pinterest project: critical pedagogy and praxis that value, engage and empower learners, change education paradigms, encourage collaboration and emphasize personal and social relevance

Word and Mind - creative writing, critiques, and reflections

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