Intrinsic Skills Training

The development of individuals in their God given potential is key to the success of those 'self'help' income generating projects which Mission International supports.  Many poor communities lack the inspiration, teaching and training necessary to believe they can go it alone.  An inspired teaching and training regime designed to help release the potential for income generation and business initiatives; potential which is already present in communities across the developing world, is necessary to release the latent and hidden skills yet un-reached due to generations of neglect.

The Vision:
The vision for this initiative is to find suitable, sustainable ways to give back to poor individuals, families and  communities the understanding and skills they need, in a way that can be easily maintained, in order that they can fend for themselves without continual involvement from outsiders.  Instead of constantly and repeatedly sending money and goods and thus creating dependency; we can develop an inspired understanding and suitable skill-set that will help recipients achieve great things by themselves and provide a mind-set that will help future generations too.  Breaking the engrained cycle of poverty is not just a matter of 'throwing money' at a problem but building people first internally then externally.   Setting in place a well taught, well implemented, strategic scheme will benefit everyone in the long term, as well as returning dignity to those involved.   Empowerment is a buzz word, however the sense of intrinsic personal value and the skills received will undoubtedly empower the participants in these short training courses.

How it works:
Clear teaching about the skills God has gifted to each one of His people is important to prepare the groundwork for those who for many generations have languished in the, often understandable, belief that they are somehow forgotten and worthless.
Mission International is developing teachers and trainers prepared to work for short periods in rural communities, first to deliver teaching from God's Word on the basis of God's intrinsic provision and secondly to provide skills training in the running of a small project/business.   The training includes an assessment of the existing situation and from there teaching and training begins. Teachers and trainers visit needy communities where they deliver a plan, agreed in advance, with those they serve.   The delivery of teaching from God's Word on their responsibilities, their worth and their potential.   Once teaching and training has taken place a plan is put together to develop a project which will help the family; supervision and monitoring is put in place in the early days of the project and then regular monitoring at times throughout the initial period.

Personnel Required:
Bible Teachers:
We require those who can teach the scriptures in terms of God's heart for mankind and the value He places in us.  Psalm 8:4 "what is man that you are mindful of him, the son of man that you care for him?"   Also the value of training in terms of improving one's skills. Deuteronomy 6:1-25

Business trainers:
We need those who can plan, prepare and deliver a contextual training programme to developing world individuals, families and communities to assist them to expand their skills in a way that will meet their needs and lift them out of poverty.
  • Business skills short courses
  • Basic book keeping skills short courses
  • Good Practice training short courses
Small business projects:
    • Hairdressing
    • Catering
    • Street trader
    • Tailoring
    • Arts & Crafts/Tourism
    • Farming
      • Animals
        • Meat
        • Milk
        • Eggs
        • Stock
      • Crops
        • Food crops
          • Human
          • Animal
        • Timber
        • Manufacturing
          • Sugar cane
          • Bamboo
          • Grass
    • Fishing
    • Construction
      • Carpentry/Joinery
      • Bricklaying
      • Electrical
      • Labouring
    • Transport
      • Taxi
      • Goods transport
        • Road
        • Boat
Skills trainers:
We require people with practical skills who would be willing to share skills with those who need to find a suitable income generating project to support themselves, their family and their community.  
  • Agricultural improvements short courses
    • Crop protection
    • Veterinary skills
    • Equipment servicing
    • Use of fertilisers 
    • Marketing a product
    • Small engine servicing & repair
Can you help?
If you think you have skills to help us further develop this initiative and would like to get involved in the UK or in the developing world then please get in touch with us.