Due to circumstances of poverty, civil unrest, disease and tragedy the church in the developing world finds itself in really difficult circumstances.   Although the church has grown numerically, probably the greatest factor to affect the growth and development in spiritual and theological terms is the education of those who have been instituted as leaders in the church.   Many have progressed through school to secondary level when funds have been scarce preventing further progression.

Mission International sends teams of two or more people to Africa, Asia and the Caribbean to preach, to teach and to train church pastors and leaders in God's Word.
Our attitude in serving needy communities is not "we know and we will tell you", but to prayerfully support and help pastors, leaders and churches to develop the vision God has given them to reach their community with the Gospel and grow their churches by teaching God's Word.

Experienced interpreters will be provided to help you communicate the Word of God in the local language.   This is a wonderful learning experience which carries a lot of blessing with it for the preacher, interpreter and listener alike.

Even if you only have a little preaching experience or experience of ministering in a developing world setting, you can be paired up with other more experienced Bible teachers from whom you can learn.   We would welcome you to share what you have as you grow in the gift God has given you.

Calling all Bible teachers!
If you have experience in teaching the Word of God as a pastor or church leader and you would welcome the opportunity to share your skills, knowledge and heart with needy pastors and leaders in the developing world the please get in touch with us.   We would like you to prayerfully consider becoming part of a small teaching team to help develop the church in an area where your skills are necessary.

Preaching to inspire the church to love and obey God and to make disciples as we have been commanded!, Teaching those involved in church ministry the central themes of the faith and how these should be interpreted in their context.  Training pastors and leaders how to administer church within the confines of their situation.
Those who go will find that their inputs are very much appreciated and that the blessing of sharing with those in need far outweighs the costs of taking part in terms of time, effort and finance.

Women's Ministries:
Not only do we need those who can teach the church in its entirety; there is also a great need for those who can teach women.  Often women in the developing world are seen as second class citizens.   They are seeking those who can teach them how to be good servants of God, good wives, good mothers, good business women.

We would also like evangelists to consider being part of a team in order that those who need to hear God's message of salvation can have their needs met.   Please visit our dedicated 'Mission Evangelism' page to see more information.

Children's Ministries!
Lastly, and probably most importantly, we need those who can demonstrate how to teach children effectively.   Often children are seen as having little value and so we need to make sure that they are seen as effective current and future church members.    Many of the children we meet (often numbering in their thousands) are 'like sheep without a shepherd'.  They are lost, they are often forgotten about and uncared for.   They are certainly neglected in terms of hearing the wonderful stories found in the Bible.   They need to be taught and they need to have teachers who are trained to carry on the work in older that a strong healthy church can be prepared for the future.

Time scale:
Teams are usually deployed for 2 - 3 weeks, however it is possible to make other arrangements to suit your availability.   Teams can be deployed at any time of the year, however we do try to fit in with our local partners who can advise on the best times to deploy which can be affected by local situations such as elections and weather conditions.

Contact us!
If you would like further information on the opportunities described on this page and elsewhere on this site, with Mission International please feel free to 'Contact Us'.