Seeking to grow into whatever God wants through Jesus Christ

My name is David Smith. I serve as the preaching minister with the Missouri Street Church of Christ in Baytown, Texas (aka: "MoSt", "MoSt Church").

 I have two blogs. My PreacherSmith blog consists primarily of:

  • Scripture readings for our church-wide Bible reading projects at MoSt
  • choice quotes I've recently come across relating to spiritual matters
  • excerpts and reviews of various books, many of them relating to preaching
  • articles I have penned on all things spiritual
  • misc. notes connected with lessons or sermons I've delivered
  • and links to other sites and resources I've found particularly helpful

My other blog is entitled Words That Bless and is posted to each Monday. A simple picture of some everyday thing is followed by a brief passage of Scripture and a thought or question to consider. Check it out!