– sell copper pennies

posted May 7, 2012, 7:42 AM by Mikel Tucker

Where Do They Sell Copper Pennies?


Copper pennies are rare these days. After all, the United States Mint stopped printing copper pennies in 1982. Pennies made after 1982 are full of zinc, which is a much less precious metal. But if you find copper pennies, you can actually turn them into a nice investment. If you do not have the time to scrounge couch cushions for pre-1982 pennies, then there are some places you can go where they sell copper pennies.


Offline Places Where They Sell Copper Pennies


One place to go to where they sell copper pennies is a coin collector's shop. There, you might be able to find a backlog of copper pennies that someone would be willing to sell. This might also be your most expensive source of pennies, but the investment could be worth it, depending on the price. They might sell copper pennies in batches, and you could use them to cash in down the line. Another place where they might sell copper pennies is at a garage sale or a yard sale. It is not uncommon for some people to put banks full of change out for sale, figuring that they will just get face value for the money. A lot of times, these people do not want to move around jugs of pennies anymore. As a result, you have the opportunity to get them at face value and turn them around for a nice return as well.


Online Locations Where They Sell Copper Pennies


First, check online to see where current garage sales and yard sales are being done. That should be your first plan of action. After that, online auction sites are great places to buy these pennies, as long as you can be sure that they sell copper pennies from before 1982. If that can be confirmed, then you should buy. There are plenty of places where companies are dedicated to selling. If you find a place that can sell copper pennies to you in batches, then you should definitely take advantage, as that will be an easy source.


In any case, collecting a lot of copper pennies can be a great investment, and the trouble can pay off big dividends. Do not scoff at the idea of pennies being worth something anymore, as the pure copper can be a gold mine to someone looking to make a few dollars.