Possibilities - more info needed

These are people who could have been here before the Treaty but as yet there is no documented evidence of it. Obviously, hard evidence is difficult to come by generally and softer evidence may be enough in some cases.
  • Philip Russel Himes ; Queen Charlotte Sound, American, 
  • Skidmore  The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser 16 February 1827
  • The Australian 26 March 1828 The cutter Ellen, belonging to Captain Walker, at Pittwater, which was piratically taken away from the River Derwent about twelve months ago, by Stirling, Holt, Anderson, Ironmonger, and other prisoners, it appears was wrecked among the rocks of Tucopia. The natives broke up the wreck for the iron-work. The men arc said to have subsequently left the island in a whaler, and to be at present at the Bay of Islands.
  • The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser 31 July 1938. Trial by Jury at New New Zealand. The Currency Lass has brouuht us the intelligence that a New Zealander belonging to Hokianga was lately tried for the wilful murder of a white man, before a jury of his countrymen the chief acting as judge,; and that, being found guilty, he was sentenced to be shot, which sentence was immediately carried into execution. As this took place in the neighbourhood of the Baron De Thierry, it is presumed the Baron has succeeded in what he gave us to understand he would spare no pains to do-establishing trial by Jury.
  • The Sydney Monitor 17th August 1831; By the Active, from New Zealand, news has arrived of Mr Pittman, late of Sydney, having recovered his health. ( Perhaps meaning Mr Charles Pitman, a Rev in the Islands).