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Captain John Wright

Arrived: 1834
Country of origin:
Area in New Zealand: Bay of Islands
Source: book- The Bay of Islands; Jack Lee

Details:   Mrs Featherstone, widowed with two daughters married Captain John Wright. In 1832 Capt Wright purchased 440 acres from his neighbour to be at Okiato, James R Clendon. The Captain was known as 'Bernie' and named his block 'St Johns'.

The Trial. The captain and his wife and stepdaughters were attacked at home.

Local Russell newspaper 'Russell Lights' Volume 10, Issue 17, 23rd Aug 2007, Page 13 - Omata.

KORORAREKA. 24 July 1860

We regret having to state that no doubt is entertained of the death, by drowning, of one of our old Bay of Island settlers, Captain John Wright, formerly in command of the Missionary schooner. He had been long in the habit of sailing his own boat, singlehanded, between his residence at Omata, near the Wahapu, and Kororareka — so long, that over-confidence had resulted. On Friday night, between 8 and 9 o'clock, he left Kororareka. The weather was gusty, with occasional heavy squalls, and in one of these, his boat must have been capsized. It was picked up on the following morning near the full of water, with one of the thwarts torn out of course by the mast, which was carried away. At one o'clock on Saturday nothing had been seen of him, and it became too evident that he had not escaped to shore.