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William Ward

Arrived: 1829
Country of origin:
Area in New Zealand: Tokomaru Bay
Source: Paperspast

Details: Star 12 February 1898, One of the oldest settlers on the East Coast, Mr William Ward, died at Tokomaru Bay, on Thursday, from bronchitis. Mr Ward landed in New Zealand about the year 1829, having been engaged as boy on a British man-of-war. In the very earliest days he drifted to Tokomaru Bay and settled there, where he has resided for the last fifty-seven years. He saw all the early stages of Maori life and many cannibal feasts. When the rebellion broke out, in 1864, he was the first to proceed to Napier to advise Sir Donald McLean of the danger, and he returned to the coast and helped the loyal Natives to defend their kaiangas. He, himself, took part with the Native contingent in fights on the coast, and also at Waerengahika, in Poverty Bay.

Return of Europeans in Occupation of Native Lands
William Ward, Kaiawa, 1860 No land held by him (but living) on Ngaitarore land by sufferance, no rent paid, no stock value, one male and one female in the family, Trader.