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William Stewart

Arrived: 1830 (before)
Country of origin:
Area in New Zealand: Bay of Islands
Source: Manuscript; They came by sea by John O'Connor Ross

Details: William took command of the 'New Zealander' at Hokianga on the 18th April 1830.  He was the former sealer and imposter who had established the Te Horeke shipyard where 'New Zealander' had been built and had been there ever since.

Behold the Moon by Peter Entwisle; Capt William Stewart and Captain Thomas Raine of Sydney started a settlement at Port Pegasus, Stewart Is in 1826 with European men with Maori wifes.  The settlement was abandoned in 1833.

NZETC Schooner Man.

Timaru Herald,17 February 1881.  Discussing the two Captain Stewarts and the massacre at Banks Peninsular. The former (the latter being Captain Stewart of the notorius brig 'Elizabeth' ), was for many years master of a trading and sealing vessel sailing out of the port of Sydney. In one of his sealing expeditions he discovered the island which now bears his name. In his old ago he retired from the sea, and took up his abode with an old friend, a Mr Harris, of Poverty Bay, with whom he lived until the day of his death, which occurred in the year 1843 or 1844. He was a man very much respected, and on his visits to Auckland could be easily recognised. No doubt there are a few old settlers still living that have seen, as well as myself, a very tall man walking up Shortland street in a full dress of Stuart Tartan (Scotch plaid), and who will recognise in the description Captain Stewart, the discoverer (of Stewart Is).