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Geordie Thoms aka Bolt family

Arrived: 1823
Country of origin: England
Area in New Zealand: Queen Charlotte's Sound, Wellington
Source: Website Thoms Rock

Details: Born at Liverpool on 20 April 1798.  In an article by Rhys Richards from The Stockade, Volume 36, 2003, p 16-27, Rhys gives us a wonderful description of the life and times of Geordie Thom.
One of the many interesting comments is that Geordie, who married the daughter ( Tohi? ) of
Nohorua, brother of Te Rauparaha, had to sign the Treaty of Waitangi because Nohorua reasoned that if in fact their land was removed from them then his son-in-law and grandchildren would also be disinherited.
There were 3 sons, the oldest named George.

His second wife was Maria Boulton.