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Thomas Hollingsworth family

Arrived: 1837 (about)
Country of origin: England
Area in New Zealand: Hokianga Harbour

Details: Thomas born C1799 Pendalton, Manchester, died 20th April 1873 in Auckland. He married Elizabeth (Betti) Baker born 1818, dau of John Baker.

Gov Gazette 1841 Case No. 129 Two thousand five hundred and sixty acres, more or less, being all that piece of land situated at the River Wai-Ma; bounded by a creek called Pakaikatoa, entrance west by north, and leading out at the said river on the left hand side, coming down, up to and extending as far as the mouth or entrance called by the natives Wai-Ma Creek, bearing south-south-east; supposed distance of water frontage two English miles,a and extending to the interiror two miles.
Alleged to have been purchased in 1831, from the Native Chiefs Wairange, Etakadua, E Moka, Te Rahui, Etakaharia, Etahi and E Pi, by Messrs John Stewart and Edward Fishwick, the former of whom relinguised his interest to the latter, who then disposed of the land to Messrs John Ryan and James Kelly. Ryan, it is stated, sold his moiety to James Pearson, who sold to James Kelly, who sold to William Nicholson, who sold one quarter to J.P. Lloyd and the remainding quarter to John Baker and Thomas Hollingsworth jointly. Deed in writing dated 24th Nov 1831.

Dau Mary Hollingsworth born 1837 married William Gear 1853 , lived with Charles Reinhardt from 1868 and died 1892.
Dau Lavinia Hollingsworth born 1840 married Henry Dangen
Dau Ann Hollingsworth born c 1837 married Patrick Fay, murdered 1856.
Dau Hannah ?