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Thomas Elmsley

Arrived: 1839
Country of origin: England
Area in New Zealand: Maungatapere, Northland 
Source: Treaty of Waitangi Tribunal 

Details:  Elmsley sailed for the Bay of Islands in August 1839 and shortly afterwards on 7 September a deed for 6000 acres of land at Omana was signed by Tirarau, Weinga, Taurau, Parore, Ahu and others. How Elmsley decided on the Wairoa and the details of the negotiations are not known. He paid £30 in cash and returned to Sydney to assemble the goods, equipment, stores and stocks needed to start a farm and to pay the balance of the agreed price. He returned on the 8th February 1840 to develop the land in the English style of farming. This was in partnership with Henry and Charles Walton whom had met in Sydney and whom had preceeded him to New Zealand. About 1847, Thomas Elmsley returned to Yorkshire.