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Thomas Chaseland

Arrived: 1824
Country of origin:
Area in New Zealand: Fouveax Strait, Otago, Taiere River Mouth,
Source: Whaling in Southern Waters by Frank Tod

Details: Octavius Harwoods entry in his journal 24 April 1838 mentions Thomas as being issued whaling gear and provisions. This is only done for those in charge of whaling gangs. Frank says that Thomas had a reputation as being the best whaler in New Zealand and was at Codfish Is, Fouveax Strait as early as 1826.
Tommy and his wife Puna were living on Moturata Island at the mouth of the Taiere River in 1844 when they were visited by Frederick Tucker. Frederick wrote that they had a very comfortable life and that there were about 20 Europeans there. Tommy was the manager (for Weller Brothers) since the station's beginnings around 1839.